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Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Major: W.-10°/E.+10° V.0° (TW(KD))

Minor: W.-10°/E.+10° V.35° (TW(TW)) (any vertical angle between KD and SI is a minor artery)

Arterioles: W.-10°/E.+10° V.85° (TW(SI))


Arteries are the major distributors of blood throughout the body. Arteries have many sizes from large (ie. aorta) to small (ie. arterioles) through which red and white blood cells, plasma, hormones, and other constituents of blood flow. Blood flow starts at the heart muscle and is then distributed via major arteries to minor arteries to arterioles to capillaries throughout the body. Except in the pulmonary circuit, arteries hold oxygenated blood where veins hold de-oxygenated blood.

The biggest arteries are found closest to the heart. The pulmonary artery brings blood from the heart to the lungs where it fills with oxygen. The aorta takes the freshly oxygenated blood from the heart and pumps it throughout the body.

Arteries contain regular and smooth muscles that control their level of tension. This tension is directly related to hormones such as ADH as well as the volume of blood in the system. Tension can also be caused by fear or exposure to climactic cold. Contraction of these smooth muscles is almost always found in cases of hypertension. Look for excess Water Qi in the Heaven and Man levels of the arterial muscles. Hypertension can also be caused by excessive ADH production, imbalance in the kidneys, excessive salt intake, stress, physiological responses to infection, sympathetic nervous disorders, and, most often, to imbalances in the liver and gallbladder organs. All of these should be reviewed in the case of hypertension.

Hormones flow through the arteries and often directly impact them. One clear instance of this is in the case of hot flashes. Women and men who suffer hot flashes should review the arteries above the line connecting the armpits. Hot flashes are often the result of a strong heartbeat (likely from imbalances between the zona reticularis and medulla of the adrenal glands) pushing blood forcefully into contracted arteries. The strong heart contraction causes a pressure difference where not all of the blood that is pushed out of the heart can flow through the arterial tubes. Some of this blood is therefore pushed into the smaller arteries around the contracted larger arteries and then into the capillaries of the upper chest, neck, and face, thus causing a sensation of sudden and intense heat at the surface of the skin. It appears that a dynamic balance exists between estrogen, which is a cool hormone, and hormones that are hot in nature, such as adrenaline from the adrenals and thyroxine from the thyroid. So if you suffer from hot flashes, I suggest you look here first.

Joint pain can also originate from contraction or inflammation of arteries. This is a likely cause for fibromyalgia. While it feels like tendon pain, pain in the joints can be caused by the internal nerves that sense the compression of inflamed arteries.

Women who suffer from menstrual cramping should review the arteries in the abdomen that feed the uterus.
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from


Fire and Water

Arteries are more Fire than Water. As the vertical angle approaches Yang Heaven, the arteries decrease in diameter but increase in the number of branches.

Tissue Treatment

Major Arteries

Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Water Heaven: Earth + Water

Earth: Earth + Fire + Water Earth: Fire + Water + (W.Metal / E.Wood)

Man: Water + Fire Man: Fire + Water (more Fire than Water)

Minor Arteries TW(TW)

Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Water Heaven: Fire + Water

Earth: Earth + Fire + Water Earth: Fire + Water + (W.Metal / E.Wood)

Man: Water + Fire Man: Fire + Water (more Fire than Water)


Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire Heaven: Fire

Man: Earth + Fire + Water Man: Fire + Water + (W.Metal / E.Wood)

Earth: Water + Fire Earth: Water + Fire (more Fire than Water)


Major arteries: Confidence in Truth/honesty

Minor arteries: truth and honesty

Arterioles: Unconditional love of truth/honesty

Closely Interrelated Tissues

Arteries connect to capillaries which connect to veins. Arteries contain all of the constituents of the blood including individual cells and hormones. The state of the hormones is very critical for the well-being of the arteries. The kidney and liver organs are directly related to hypertension. But don't forget to look at the artery surface to clear any atherosclerosis or the arterial muscles that may be stuck in a state of contraction. The aorta can be found energetically inside the heart organ as a separate but connected structure. The heart organ directly impacts the well-being of arteries.

Arteries are comprised of Fire and Water which together make Earth. Water controls Fire and Earth controls Water, so these tissues are very balanced.

Notes From Ethan's Clinic

People with cold hands and feet have insufficient arterial blood flow. This can be caused by a weakening of the heart cardiac muscle or by constriction of the arteries, or both. If treating the arteries alone doesn't warm them also look at the arterial muscles and the interior and exterior boundaries of the arteries. In chronic cases of cold, such as with Raynaud's Syndrome, you may also need to warm the capillaries after you have opened the arteries for a more complete resolution.

You should consider the health of the arteries for just about every disease. Even though the problem may be obvious, often enough, poor blood flow is a deeper root.

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