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Bones & Cartilage

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
N.-35°/S.+35° V.0° (KD(KD))

Cartilage – N.-35°/S.+35° V.-50° (KD(LV))


Bones are the most Yin tissue of the body. They are hard, structural tissues that create the frame for our physical form. Bones consist of a strong outside layer and a soft inner layer containing marrow. The marrow is where most blood cells, including red blood cells, are created.

Bones are extremely cold and are made of Water Qi. Heat melts the bones and can make them brittle. Osteoporosis is the result of Water Qi deficiency in the body leading to bone loss. It can also cause bone to melt in one location, move, and create a bone spur in another location. Bone spurs are usually the result of too much heat in parts of the body. Joint pains and tendonitis may be the result of excess cold in the bone at the attachment site of the tendon. Bone can also wear away by the heat of friction. Many patients with knee pain wear away their cartilage and then experience bone-on-bone pain. This pain can be treated effectively but takes time.


Bone: Water

Cartilage: Wood and Water

Tissue Treatment


Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Water Heaven: Earth + Water

Man: Earth + Water Man: Water + Metal

Earth: Water Earth: Water + (S.Fire)


Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Wood Heaven: Wood + Fire

Man: Earth + Wood + Water Man: Wood + Water + Metal

Earth: Water Earth: Water + (S.Fire)


Bone: Confidence

Cartilage: Growth/action in confidence

Closely Interrelated Tissues

Tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and hormones all effect the bones. Bone is Water and the lungs and skin are Metal. Metal generates Water, so if Metal is deficient, Water will become deficient. If the heart is too strong, there will be too much Fire. Fire melts bone and redistributes it in painful locations, so excess heat in the Heart is dangerous for bone. This is why
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
excessive coffee (energetically bitter and sweet) consumption can weaken the kidneys, prostate, and bones.

Notes From Ethan's Clinic

I have successfully treated bone spurs with Fu Xi Wen. Bone is a living tissue. Inasmuch, it is constantly changing its shape, albeit slowly. Fu Xi Wen can be used to clear excess Water Qi from the bone by controlling it with Earth Qi. One may have to add Earth Qi to the Earth level as well as the Fire and Man level, depending on the diagnostic picture. Most bone spurs contain a hot Element in the bone T°.

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