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Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
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Flesh relates to any group of filler cells that pad our bodies and organs inside the organs as well as outside the organs. Adipose tissue that makes fat, for instance, is a form of flesh. Underneath the dermis of our skin we have a layer of flesh. Every organ is lined with flesh. Flesh is the workhorse of the body. Not only does it absorb the physical blows of life in a manner that keeps our skin from breaking at every push and nudge, it also can be found as an energy source for the organs and tissues.

In Chinese medicine, flesh is associated with the spleen, the digestive system, the rhythms of life, and the physical experience of having energy. It is found everywhere in the body. As a result, it is also a common site for breakdown and disease. Excess flesh is Earth excess. Earth excess makes Metal excess. Metal excess is phlegm, mostly found in flesh as insubstantial phlegm. In traditional thought phlegm is the cause of innumerable diseases, one of which is obesity.


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Closely Interrelated Tissues

The flesh is directly associated with the spleen and stomach organs. The muscles are the Yang form of flesh – packing tissue that holds maximum power. Flesh is energized by the capillaries and weakened by movement. Wood Qi controls Earth Qi, the Element of flesh, and is associated with the tendons and sinews. This is one reason why exercising your joints leads to weight loss. Earth constitution people carry more flesh than most people. They are more capable of transforming flesh into muscle than removing fat from their bodies. Wood constitution people have very little flesh.

Notes From Ethan's Clinic

Given that most people do not know what flesh is, I doubt this will be the first place one looks to treat a disease unless that disease is extra fat or obesity. When you learn pulse diagnosis, you will find that flesh does appear from time to time as location needing treatment. If you are feeling low energy and fatigued, consider strengthening the flesh directly or indirectly via the spleen and stomach organs.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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