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Hormones and Glands

Hormones – Any V.+35° (Any(TW))

Glands – N.-35°/S.+35° V.0° (KD(KD))


Hormones are long distance messengers. In terms of evolution, they are a combination of active and passive communication for increasingly complex multi-cellular structures. Their purpose is to organize the entire body towards specific functions such as eating, procreating, relaxing, and increasing alertness. They serve a primary role in reproduction, organizing within a social order, and the metabolic functions around digestion.

Hormones emerge from glands. Glands can be found at N.-35° V.0° and S.+35° V.0° KD(KD). If you have a problem with a hormone, it is likely because the gland itself is imbalanced. Functionally speaking, however, the gland is unique from the hormone. One gland often produces multiple hormones. The gland is the organ, the hormone is what the gland secretes. There is only one gland in each of the lines of force and their boxes, whereas there are multiple hormones within each segment.

There are numerous hormones released all over the body. All hormones originate from V.+35° and are differentiated not just by each unique Compass direction, but also by the location of their release in the body. The same directions in different segments of the body generate functionally similar hormones but distinct in their purpose and foci. Hormones that exist in the lines of forces focus our attention on other people, such as sex hormones. Hormones that exist in the energetic boxes in between the lines of force focus on our own biological needs, such as digestion.

The same Compass direction across different energetic segments of the body produces hormones with similar functions to each other (from a Five Element perspective). For instance, N.+35°, S.-35°, E.+35° and W.-35° all relate to Fire. Fire is hot, active, and increases function. So, at V.+35° at these Compass locations in different energetic segments, we see hormones that increase Fire in different ways. The testes fire up the sex drive. The adrenals fire up alertness. Thyroxine fires up the metabolic system. In other words, they all increase heat in the body, but differently.

While the male gonads physically hang down lower in the body, they originate in the same location as the ovaries: inside the line of force called ST/PC at the hip line. While it may seem strange to treat thes testicles in the abdomen, this is the absolute best location for treating them directly, otherwise you will likely find yourself treating your prostate. The Fire locations of V.+35° inside ST/PC control androgens for both men and women. These hormones increase the sex drive and increase energy. In the line of force called SP/TW, you will find the adrenal glands. At the Fire locations of V.+35° you control adrenaline which focuses one's energy on hyper awareness of external factors as well as stimulates the fight or flight response. At the line of force called HT/GB you find the thyroid and here you can control metabolic activity through the thyroid hormones. No doubt the amount of fat on the body has been a social indicator throughout the history of our species. The HT/SI box is the location of the hypothalamus. Here you can control Oxytocin to stimulate birth as well as the release of sperm from the seminal vessicles. It also controls smooth muscle movements throughout the body, stimulates labor, and heats up the body for both genders.

With Fu Xi Wen, you can control your hormones. You can increase them by increasing Earth Qi and/or Fire in the Man level of energy. You can decrease them by increasing Water in the Man level of energy. When the Heaven level becomes cold, the function of the hormone declines. When the Earth level of the hormone becomes hot (Yin deficient), the hormone has more function than substance and acts chaotically.

For instance, in peri-menopause, the Heaven level for estrogen fills with cold. In full menopause, the Earth level for estrogen becomes hot (Yin deficient) and the Heaven level becomes cold essentially turning estrogen off entirely. Estrogen cools the body and losing this hormone turns the balance of the body towards heat. With Fu Xi Wen, this does not need to be the case. Estrogen can be normalized by balancing Heaven, Man, and Earth appropriately. Of course, this would likely keep one's cycle active and lengthen fertility. Estrogen supplementation has been associated with an increased risk of cancer. It is unknown if maintaining natural levels of estrogen carries these same risks.

I have found that when heat enters the Earth level of the hormone, creating Yin deficiency, the increase in function over substance can result in incorrect and invalid blood tests for the respective hormone. The hormone is imbalanced, but appears to test normally in Western clinical tests. Rather than relying solely on blood tests, one should diagnose one's own hormones to make sure there is Water in the Earth level. If there is heat, cool the Earth level with Water Qi then retest. The blood test will likely demonstrate the true state of the hormone after this correction.

When imbalances show up at a specific compass direction at V.+35° in one energetic segment, there is often a cascading effect over time in the other energetic segments in the same tissue angles. One by one, the hormones at the same compass direction at different sections of the body will become imbalanced. Thus, with menopause, it is common to see the same direction as estrogen, N.-10° V.+35° and S.+10° V.+35°, imbalanced not just at the ST/PC line of force, but also in the boxes and lines of force above it. So, when one hormone is imbalanced, it is recommended that you review the same locations next to this hormone location to see if the imbalance has spread.

Not every hormone has yet been identified by Fu Xi Wen. And, given the nature of their location and design, it is entirely likely that Western medicine has not yet identified every hormone released in every section of the body. When using Advanced theory pulse diagnosis, it is common for hormones to appear imbalanced that do not as yet have a classification in our system. It is not necessary to know the hormone to treat it. If a diagnostic tool indicates imbalance, treat the imbalance. The chart of hormones as they are currently understood is as follows:

A question mark indicates uncertainty about the validity of this location. As you can see, many hormone T° need to be finalized.


T° at V.+35°

Treatment Location


N.+20°, S.-20°, W.-20°, E.+20°, or N.+35°, S-35°, W.-35°, E.+35°(?)

SI/HT lines


N.-35°, S.+35° or W.+35°, E.-35° (?)

SI/HT lines


N.+35°, S-35°, W.-35°, E.+35°

SP/TW, SP/ST, LU/SP lines


W.-10°, E.+10° (?)


W.+10°, E.+10° or N-20°, S.+20° (?)

ST/PC, LV/PC, LU/LI box (?)


N.+35°, S-35°, W.-35°, E.+35°

ST/PC, LU/LI, LV/PC lines




N.-35°, S.+35° or W.+35°, E.-35° (?)

SP/TW, SP/ST, LU/SP lines or ST/PC, LV/PC, LU/LI box (?)




N.-35°, S.+35° (?)

GB/HT, PC/TW, TW/GB lines (?)


W.-20°, E.+20° (?)


N.+35°, S.-35° (?)

HT/KD, KD/BL, KD/LI box (?)


N.-10°, S.+10°

ST/PC, LU/LI, LV/PC lines


N.-10°, S.+10°

HT/SI lines


N.+20°, S.-20° or W.-20°, E.+20° (?)


N.+20°, S.-20° or W.-20°, E.+20°

HT/SI lines


W.+10°, E.-10° (?)

LV/PC, LU/LI, ST/PC box (?) inside stomach organ


N.-10°, S.+10°, W.+10°, E.-10° (?)


N.+20°, S.-20° or W.-20°, E.+20°

LV/PC, LU/LI, ST/PC box (pancreas)


N.-10°, S.+10°

HT/SI box


N.+20°, S.-20° or W.-20°, E.+20° (?)


N.-10°, S.+10°

LV/PC, LU/LI, ST/PC box (pancreas)




N-20°, S.+20°

HT/SI lines


N.-10°, S+10°(?)

HT/SI box


N.+35°, S-35°, W.-35°, E.+35°, N.-35°, S.+35°, W.+35°, E.-35° (?)


W.+20°, E.-20° (?)


N.+20°, S.-20° or W.-20°, E.+20° (?)


N.+35°, S-35°, W.-35°, E.+35°

HT/SI box


W.+10°, E.-10° (?)


N.-10°, S.+10°



N.-20°, S.+20° (?)



N.+20°, S.-20° or W.-20°, E.+20° (?)


N.-20°, S.+20° (?)


See Androgens


N.+35°, S-35°, W.-35°, E.+35°

GB/HT, PC/TW, GB/TW lines


N.+20°, S.-20° or W.-20°, E.+20° (?)


N.+10°, S.-10°

HT/SI lines

Glands can be found in each energetic segment. There are large glands such as the thymus and small glands such as the sweat glands. I have not as yet worked with the small glands but assume they are accessible via the leg boxes.





N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°

SP/LU, SP/ST, SP/TW lines


N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°

HT/SI box


N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°

LV/PC, LU/LI, ST/PC lines


N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°


Pituitary (anterior and posterio)

N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°

HT/SI lines


N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°



N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°

LV/PC, LU/LI, ST/PC lines


N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°



N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°

GB/TW, PC/TW, GB/HT lines


N.-35° V.0°, S.+35° V.0°



Hormones: Fire and Water combination plus the Element of the Compass direction.

Glands: Fire and Water

Tissue Treatment


Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Water Heaven: Fire + Water (more Fire than Water)

Man: Earth + Fire + Water + Compass Element Man: Fire + Water + Compass Angle + W.Metal or E.Wood

Earth: Fire + Water + Compass Element Earth: Compass Angle + N.Water or S.Fire


Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Water Heaven: Earth + Water

Man: Earth + Water Man: Water + Metal

Earth: Water Earth: Water + (S.Fire)


Hormones: Truth & Honesty in relation to the emotions of every Compass direction.

Glands: Confidence

Closely Interrelated Tissues

Hormones are released into the blood stream and have a great effect on the blood vessels themselves. Always look at the major and minor arteries and veins when an hormonal imbalance is found.

Notes From Ethan's Clinic

An important gland of the body is the pancreas. It is found above the bellybutton. It is the master control center for digestion – controlling blood sugar and the body's response to its increase and decrease in the blood stream. The thyroid, in contrast, controls the metabolic rate of cells – their need for energy. In terms of weight loss, it is impossible to break down fat without it increasing blood sugar. So, it is very important that the thyroid is functioning optimally so that the cells use the energy they have and have room for more. If you increase the hormone that breaks down fat, glucagon, without activating the thyroid, it can cause feelings of foggy-headedness for a healthy person, and for a diabetic person, may, theoretically, be life-threatening. Exercise is crucial for weight loss because, just like the thyroid, it increases the metabolic rate and thus allows the body to consume the energy released by fat. Otherwise, that energy may circulate around by the Fu Xi Wen treatment and then ultimately be reconverted back into fat.

Eating a low calorie diet results in less circulating blood sugar. The pancreas releases glucagon and there is more blood sugar. Exercise increases metabolic activity consuming that blood sugar. Thus, more fat needs to be broken down. Ergo, it is very hard to lose weight without employing calorie watching and exercise, even with happy glands.

Another important thing to look at with the pancreas is the pancreatic duct and the minor ducts. If their lumen are blocked, then the pancreas simply cannot perform correctly and can be a factor in diabetes. Also check the pancreatic islets. If they are balanced, you should have steady blood sugar. If they are imbalanced, then there will be problems.

In the pancreas gland, glucagon is found in one or more of the Wood Compass locations: N.+20° and S.-20° and W.-20° and E.+20° at V.+35°. Wood stretches. It also controls Earth, which is responsible for fat production. In order to increase glucagon, you inherently strengthen Wood. The unintended consequence of this is that Wood relates to the positive emotions of growth, action, transformation, and strategy. But it also relates to the negative emotions of anger, stress, and frustration. So, it appears that it may be impossible to lose weight without facing these emotions. Be sure to keep your liver as happy as possible so that you experience more of the positive emotions than the challenging ones.

People who have a Wood constitution are rail thin with clearly defined six-packs. This is because their constitution controls Earth Qi and the flesh, which is associated with it. People who have too much fat may be living their lives in a way to avoid anger, stress, and frustration as well as growth and transformation. All elements are essential for our longevity and so I encourage individuals working to lose weight to embrace these emotions in the process of losing weight – especially growth, action, and transformation. Perhaps the most important thing you need in your life right now is to reach towards your highest potential and allow yourself to grow.

Regarding hot flashes. Hot flashes definitely have a hormone component. But there is another component equally as important if not more so. The major arteries, such as the axillary arteries and brachial arteries (in the lines of force box GB/TW, GB/LV, and GB/HT), can become constricted as women age. You can treat these via W.-10° V.0° and E.+10° V.0°. It may take multiple treatments to open these constricted vessels. As you do, you will feel the hot flash move increasingly into the arms as the hormones in the blood can move further along the circulatory system. Also, check these blood vessels in the abdomen and below and open them if they are constricted. This helps weaken the hot flashes.

To stop the hot flashes altogether, an imbalance may exist in the adrenal gland anatomy at the levels of the zona reticularis and the medulla. One side produces androgens that convert to estrogens. The other produces adrenaline. If they become imbalanced, I believe this sparks the hot flashes themselves. The sudden release of adrenaline can cause the heart beat to strengthen pushing blood too strongly through pipes that are constricted. I spoke more about this in the “Artery” chapter.

Another important component of hot flashes are the emotions. Whether you admit or not, emotions play an important role in hot flashes. So, a third component to successfully curing hot flashes is calming the emotions as described in the chapter “Spiritual Anatomy”.

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