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Independent Cells

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Independent Cells Any V.-85° (Any(HT))


Most of the tissues of the body are the product of cells connecting into cellular groupings. However, there are some cells that move independently of any particular tissue. These cells circulate through the blood vessels, interstitial cells, and/or the lymphatic system.

All organisms on our planet started off as single cells (as far as we know and understand). There are still many single cellular organism in our natural environment: bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The benefit to single cells is their ability to move quickly and reproduce quickly. The drawback, is that they cannot share resources as efficiently as multi-cellular tissues.

We use single cells in our bodies as resource distributors (ie. red blood cells distribute oxygen) as well as for self-defense. We employ white blood cells to ensure that those single cellular organisms mentioned above, viruses, bacteria, and fungi, cannot infiltrate our tissues to reproduce. Other single cells in our bodies protect our structure from break-down and decay. Platelets, for instance, attach to broken cell walls to allow for healing after a trauma.

In our bodies, single cells tend to be hot in nature. They reside in the Fire vertical angle, and flow is a particularly important characteristic of their purpose and benefit.

None of the compass angles in this category have been identified with absolute certainty. However, it is extremely likely that red blood cells are located at N.+35° and S-35°. It is also likely that non-specific white blood cells such as macrophages are located at N.-20°, S.+20°, W.+20° and E.-20° in the Metal locations. It is also likely specific white blood cells such as T and B cells are located in N.+10° and S.+10° in locations related to Fire and Water, associated with the emotion “safety”. More study is needed to confirm these hypothesis.


V.-85° is the Fire location. Each compass angle, of course, has its own Elemental association.

Tissue Treatment

Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire Heaven: Water

Man: Earth + Fire + Compass Element Man: Fire + Compass Element + W.Metal or E.Wood

Earth: Water + Compass Element Earth: Compass Element + N.Water or S.Fire


Love of the compass emotion

Closely Interrelated Tissues

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Single cells are associated with the glands and organs that produce them. Red and white blood cells are produced in the marrow of the large bones. The thymus gland regulates white blood cell production. Stress levels impact the production of white blood cells and are related to the nervous system. This is likely moderated by hormones. The spleen and liver both filter the blood. Blood flow to the marrow inside the large bones is necessary for healthy cell production and for energy (see chapter “Bone Batteries”). The liver is also responsible for blood clotting. Lymph nodes also contain large quantities of white blood cells.

Single cells are Fire. Fire is controlled by Water and is generated by Wood. So, excessive disorders in single cells can be controlled by the bones. Deficiencies can be strengthened by strengthening connective tissues.

Notes From Ethan's Clinic

Sadly, I have no great insights into this category...yet. Please stay tuned. Better yet, please add to our knowledge via the Forums. I have found that infections can be treated very effectively by treating the lymphatic vessels. These vessels are major thoroughfares for lymphocytes, so this is an indirect method for mobilizing lymphocytes. Maintaining healthy bone marrow is another indirect method, as the bone marrow is the source of many circulatory cells.

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