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Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Nerves – All Vertical Angles directly facing North West, North East, South West and South East


Nerves are the body's quick message relay system (as opposed to the slow message system of hormones). They are integral to our survival, immediately telling us when we are endangered so that we can save ourselves in the blink of an instant. But they are much more than that. They are integral to every bodily process, creating a nervous tone that determines our alertness. When we are safe, the parasympathetic nervous system sends messages throughout the entire body indicating that it is safe to eat, sleep, digest, and relax. When we are endangered (and in the modern era when we “feel” endangered such as when making a presentation in front of a group), the sympathetic system sends messages throughout the body preparing for fight or flight.

While the nerves and the hormones are two very different message systems, they are linked, especially in the brain. The hypothalamus and pituitary glands are examples of where the two connect. When the nerves are imbalanced, it is common for the hormones to become imbalanced.

In addition to setting our level of alertness, nerves also allow us to interface with the world and the internal state of our own bodies. External sensory nerves inform us of sensations of hot or cold, texture, pain, and other perceptual stimuli. Internal nerves inform us of our body's movements in space, internal sensations of pleasure or pain, and allow us to remember, think, and analyze. The autonomic nervous system that sets our level of alertness also relates to our ability to move.

Many diseases are associated with nerve imbalances. Everything from chronic pain to multiple sclerosis to to fatigue to paralysis to depression and more can relate to the health of our nerves.

Energetically, nerves are where the energy shifts from one phase to another. They fall at perfect 45° angles from North to West, West to South, South to East, and East to North. The Sympathetic system is found in the North East. The Parasympathetic system falls in the North West. The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic branches together are called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The exterior sensory nerves are located in the South East. And the interior sensing nerves are found in the South West.

When a problem arises in which there are internal sensations of discomfort, the most likely location of the imbalance is in the South West. In the case of neuralgias, or loss of exterior sensation, look towards the South East, but they can also manifest in the interior-sensing nerves as well. In the case of insomnia and feelings of anxiety and stress, consider the health of either the Sympathetic or Parasympathetic systems in the North East and North West respectively.

If a disease strikes the nerves, the effected branch is not always clear cut. A problem can appear to be found in the South West but have roots in the North East. This relationship also exists between the
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
South East and the North West. Given that these branches crisscross and are connected in diagonal lines, a disease in one branch can manifest in any of the connections. It is advisable to always diagnose all four nervous zones regardless of the most likely progenitor of disease. Throughout the body, similar angles tend to share their imbalances, so even though a problem is showing up in one zone, it may be leaking into another zone without yet being symptomatic.

As with every tissue, there are tissues within tissues for nerves. In the case of MS, the myelin sheathes can be found by looking at the exterior border (the “skin”) of the nerve. If there are problems in the neurotransmitters, look at the individual cells inside the nerves at HT(HT).

In the case of poor memory, one's inclination is to consider this a nerve disorder. This can be true – and treating the corpus callosum inside the brain can frequently help. More often than not, it is an issue of poor blood flow or low blood production. Make sure the major and minor arteries and the capillaries are open in and around the brain, the chest and at the neck and that the cardiac muscle is strong. And warm the bone marrow as necessary.

The brain, of course, is the most complicated nerve organ. It contains all four directions, but it is so vast and complex, it also can be divided into multiple Elemental relationships. The prefrontal cortex, for instance, is Wood KD(KD)BL(KD)LV(KD) where the general interpretive area is Metal KD(KD)BL(KD)LU(KD). Review the Anatomy Guide for more information on the brain.

It is important to think of the brain according to Element associations and the Generating and Controlling Cycles to understand complex brain diseases. MS, for instance, is a fairly complicated disorder in that it is caused by Metal excess from one's constitutional state. Metal excess over time weakens Wood organs in the body and Wood aspects of the brain, in this case the prefrontal cortex and the speech center. The weakened Wood tissue releases its Wood Qi when it is assaulted by Metal. This essentially creates a localized Wood excess. This Wood excess in the brain then controls the Earth portions of the brain, the central nucleus and the motor cortex and also moves backwards against its controlling Element, Metal, in weakening the general interpretive area and the visual and analysis center of the brain. The Wood Qi that is pushed out of the prefrontal cortex and the speech center also moves into the Earth lines of force starting at HT/SI and can reach all the way down to KD/BL.

When Wood Qi enters the Earth plane lines of force, this is actually when MS becomes symptomatic. This is extremely problematic because the normal way to treat Wood Qi is to control it with Metal Qi. To do this systemically is a very bad idea because it actually fuels the root of the disease. So you have to treat the local issues very specifically. When I treat MS, I clear Wood from the Earth lines of force after I return Wood Qi into the Wood parts of the brain, Earth Qi in the Earth parts of the brain, and Metal Qi in the Metal parts of the brain using Perfusion. You will find that treating the brain increases the MS symptoms because it pushes the Wood into the Earth lines of force. So always clear the Wood from these lines after treating the brain.

This Elemental thinking explains all kinds of brain diseases such as autism, ALS, and more. As I have said elsewhere, be extremely cautious when treating the brain. In fact, I do not recommend treating it at all unless it is medically necessary.


Parasympathetic: Water + Metal

Sympathetic: Water + Wood

External Nerves: Fire + Wood

Internal Nerves: Fire + Metal

Tissue Treatment

Basic Perfusion:


Heaven: Fire + Vertical Element

Man: Earth + Water + Metal + Vertical Element

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Earth: Water + Metal


Heaven: Fire + Vertical Element

Man: Earth + Water + Wood + Vertical Element

Earth: Water + Wood

External Nerves:

Heaven: Fire + Vertical Element

Man: Earth + Fire + Wood + Vertical Element

Earth: Water + Fire + Wood

Internal Nerves:

Heaven: Fire + Vertical Element

Man: Earth + Fire + Metal + Vertical Element

Earth: Water + Fire + Metal

Advanced Perfusion:


Heaven: (Earth + Water at V.0) or (Up.Fire) or (Down.Water) + Vertical Element

Man: Water + Metal + Vertical Element

Earth: Water + Metal


Heaven: (Earth + Water at V.0) or (Up.Fire) or (Down.Water) + Vertical Element

Man: Water + Wood + Vertical Element

Earth: Water + Wood

External Nerves:

Heaven: (Earth + Water at V.0) or (Up.Fire) or (Down.Water) + Vertical Element

Man: Fire + Wood + Vertical Element

Earth: Fire + Wood

Internal Nerves:

Heaven: (Earth + Water at V.0) or (Up.Fire) or (Down.Water) + Vertical Element

Man: Fire + Metal + Vertical Element

Earth: Fire + Metal


Parasympathetic: Vertical Emotion in Confidence and Integrity

Sympathetic: Vertical Emotion in Confidence and growth/action

External Nerves: Vertical Emotion in Love and growth/action

Internal Nerves: Vertical Emotion in Love and Integrity

Closely Interrelated Tissues

When a problem arises with nerves, always review the well-being of the blood vessels. The brain, in Chinese medicine, is also considered under the control of Water. For issues related to stress and/or insomnia, also look at hormones such as Melatonin as sleep is essential for healthy nervous tone.

Notes From Ethan's Clinic

While difficult to treat with Western medicine, nerves are incredibly easy to treat with Fu Xi Wen. They respond almost immediately to treatment. I have had great success in helping people with MS and also with other nerve issues such as neuralgias and myasthenia gravis. I have even improved my own memory by improving blood flow, removing cold from the internal nerves, and treating my corpus collosum.

People who suffer from insomnia can often find relief by removing cold in the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous systems. Cold in the Parasympathetic system, for instance, makes it hard to relax. Heat in the Sympathetic system is also an indicator of excessive Sympathetic
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
nervous activation.

See the Contributor chapter on Anesthesia. Metal makes what we call phlegm and phlegm blocks sensations when found inside the sensory nerves. I posit that it may be possible to induce anesthesia with Fu Xi Wen by adding Metal to internal and external sensing nerves through microbursts. Of course, if it works as anesthesia, the unknown question is whether or not it can cause nerve damage or other side effects. I believe Fu Xi Wen can pinpoint nerves and is not systemic, so side effects should be minimal. If you add Metal to nerves for this purpose, or if you wish to recover from anesthesia, it is important to add Fire to the affected nerves after the procedure to ensure that the Metal is removed to avoid any long term negative effects.

People in the United States live lives that are entirely imbalanced with too much stress. Working hard eats up energy and so people eat diets high in fat for the energy and over-consume caffeinated products for the increase in nervous tone. If you find yourself stressed out frequently, you should honestly consider whether you need to down-shift your life. What good is making money if you won't be around to enjoy it? Too much stress weakens the immune system, burns off the Yin of the body and reduces longevity.

Of course, there are times in life when stress is helpful. There is even the concept of good alertness called “eustress” as opposed to the negative “distress”. I believe most people can tell if they are experiencing healthy stress rather than unhealthy stress. If you can notch down your stress, you will find you can change your diet more easily towards healthy foods and reduce weight more easily.

Also, when talking about nerves, we have to talk about coffee. Coffee is a drug that is used to enhance worker productivity. It is often one of the few things a company gives away to its employees for free. Don't get me wrong, it is delicious in many forms. But every drug causes side effects. When it comes to diseases in the nervous system, consider reducing your coffee consumption as much as possible. Imbalances in the nerves leads to imbalances in the hormones. This can lead to insomnia, anxiety, heart disease, arterial disease, and other issues. On the other hand, for some people, drinking coffee is actually balancing. It warms the bones which makes it perfect for Seattle, Washington where the humidity brings the cold of Winter deep into the bones. Some people have Yin excess and the Yang is particularly helpful. But to most people, coffee causes Yin deficiency in the heart (prevent disease by diagnosing your heart if you are a heavy coffee drinker).

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