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Tendons and Ligaments

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
W.-20°/E.+20° V.0° to +85° (GB(KD-SI))

Ligaments – N.+20°/S.-20° V.-50° (LV(LV))


Tendons and ligaments are forms of connective tissue. Connective tissues play two crucial roles. First, they allow for one tissue to grasp another tissue. For instance, tendons hold muscles to bones. Ligaments hold bones to bones. Second, connective tissues allow for stretching and pulling between body segments, allowing for flexibility (whereas muscles allow for movement).

A tendon at V.0° relates to the deepest tendon or the deepest part of a tendon. V.+85° relates to the tendon closest to the skin or the most superficial aspect of a single tendon.

When a problem arises at a joint, it is most often felt at the connective tissue. But this is not always the root of the problem. In many cases, the root of the problem is contraction in the muscle. When a muscle contracts, it pulls both sides of its connection to a top and a bottom bone. One side will be pulled more than the other and this is often where the experience of pain manifests. In other cases, the feelings of pain in the connective tissue are the result of inflammation in the major blood vessels of the arteries and veins. The pain is often felt in the joint and so the connective tissue is often misdiagnosed as the source of the problem as it shares the same physical space.

Not all connective tissues have been located according to the tissue-angles. For instance, it is likely that fascia is a form of tendon, but it's exact location has not been isolated. So, collaboration is encouraged in locating the compass angles for this and other tissues.



Tissue Treatment

Deep Tendon GB(KD)

Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Water Heaven: Earth + Water

Man: Earth + Wood + Water Man: Water + Wood + W.Metal

Water: Water + Wood Earth: Wood + Fire

Middle Tendon GB(ST)

Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Earth Heaven: Earth + Fire

Man: Earth + Wood Man: Earth + Wood + W.Metal

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

Water: Water + Wood Earth: Wood + Fire

Superficial Tendon GB(SI)

Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire Heaven: Fire

Man: Earth + Fire + Wood Man: Fire + Wood + W.Metal

Water: Water + Wood Earth: Wood + Fire

Ligament LV(LV)

Basic Perfusion: Advanced Perfusion:

Heaven: Fire + Wood Heaven: Water + Wood

Man: Earth + Wood Man: Wood

Water: Water + Wood Earth: Wood + S.Fire or N.Water


Tendon: Deciding/Strategy/Transforming

Ligament: Growth/Action/Change

Closely Interrelated Tissues

Tendons, ligaments, fascia, platelets, eyes, and nails are all associated together as Wood. When problems arise, also review major and minor arteries and veins, muscles, and nerves (internal sensing at South West as well as the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems).

Notes From Ethan's Clinic

Fibromylagia expresses itself as joint pain but I have found it is more likely caused by inflammation in the blood vessels – much like the achy sensations one experiences after catching a cold or a flu. Blockages in the lymphatic ducts can also feel like connective tissue injury – but the onset of pain around someone sick or during illness is an indicator to look in this direction.

Just as with muscles, you may find better results treating tendon or ligament dependencies via the bone and muscle instead of treating it as the primary tissue.

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