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Introduction To Diseases and Imbalances

What follows is a Fu Xi Wen approach to
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healing diseases within every Western category of medicine. In no way should you read this material as suggesting a prescription for your particular case. Every individual is different and so each individual must diagnose his or her tissues before treating them. What is offered here is merely suggested tissues for your particular condition. In some cases, they are simply best guesses. Every disease is a puzzle. While this is a starting point, each puzzle will no doubt prove to be more complicated and more interesting than we could ever anticipate.

In Fu Xi Wen, you don't have a disease, you have an imbalance. Imbalance suggests the ability to regain balance whereas disease suggests finality. In the West, when we get a label, such as “arthritis”, we might as well take a red hot poker and burn that word into our flesh – that is how strongly we identify with the label. But that is all it is, a label. Labels can be changed, removed, and tagged for clearance. I want your labels to feel like the names of old girlfriends and boyfriends tattooed into your arms. Don't identify with the label, identify with the person who is ready to have the label removed forever.

When you read about “your” disease, remember that it is not yours to keep. You only got to play with it a while and then it is time to return it to the infinite oneness of undifferentiated Qi. If you have read this far, it is because you are on a journey. The disease was the cattle-prod to keep you on the path. But if your journey has led you here, it is because you no longer need the cattle-prod and are seeking to release yourself from the burden of this heavy-handed motivator. Never give up. If at first you do not succeed, it means you are meant to learn more for reasons that are as yet unknown but which will one day make sense.

If you do not locate your specific disease within these pages, then your journey means you can't take the paved path but need to take the trails. And if you can't find information in the Forums by others with your issue, then, guess what, you are the trail blazer. If you are the trail blazer, then write down all of the possible tissues connected to your problem. One-by-one diagnose each tissue and treat it as necessary. Keep a journal of your treatments logging your treatment goals, strategies, and tissues. Do this not so much for your own sake but for seven generations down the road. Take it for granted you will successfully discover the lost world you seek and that other people will need to follow your path. If enough people follow your path, then maybe, just maybe, we can pave it together in stone.

While I would like to suggest tissues for every disease, I simply cannot. That is an effort of multiple lifetimes. Why don't we all live them together simultaneously? The next chapters contain some of the top diseases now faced by man followed by lists of tissues. Those tissues are my initial ideas as to where we should first look. By no means should this be considered the list. If these diseases were easy puzzles to solve, they would be solved. So, we need to put our thinking caps on. On the official Fu Xi Wen website, there is a link to the Fu Xi Wen Wiki. A wiki is a collaborative process in creating and defining knowledge. Anyone can post and edit the wiki. Let us start to add diseases into this wiki as well as their tested Fu Xi Wen treatments. This is one way we build the path together.

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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