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The tissues listed below are best guesses for each condition. You should not read these lists as
Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from
prescriptions for your particular disorder. Rather, they are starting points for your problem-solving.


bone marrow, bone marrow arteries/capillaries, small intestine, small intestine arteries, small intestine capillaries, bone, bone arteries, bone capillaries, heart, heart cardiac muscle, liver, heart, varopis hormones

Sickle-Cell Disease

bone marrow, red blood cell, capillaries, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, heart, heart cardiac muscle, spleen, spleen capillaries, spleen arteries, spleen veins, bone

Hemophilia A

bone marrow, bone marrow arteries, bone marrow capillaries, platelets, autonomic nervous system, emotions, arteries, capillaries, veins, liver organ, liver arteries/veins/capillaries/lymphatic vessels, artery interior and exterior boundaries, capillaries interior and exterior boundaries







Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from

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Use of Fu Xi Wen is contingent upon your acceptance of the Fu Xi Wen User Agreement. Use at your own risk.
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