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Sensory Organs

Eyeball LV(KD) Face Box

Ciliary Body LV(KD)BL(KD)GB(GB)

Lacrimal Sac LV(KD)TW(TW)

Medial Rectus Muscle LV(KD)ST(KD)

Central Artery LV(KD)TW(KD-SI)

Central Vein LV(KD)PC(KD-SI)


Optic Disc LV(KD)KD(KD)LV(KD)

Orbital Fat LV(KD)(SP)SP

Posterior Cavity Surface LV(KD)KD(KD)LU(KD)

Choroid LV(KD)BL(KD)BL(KD)


Lateral Rectus Muscle LV(KD)ST(KD)

Conjunctiva LV(KD)BL(KD)LI(LU)

Suspensory Ligament LV(KD)BL(KD)LV(LV)




Anterior Chamber Fluid LV(KD)BL(KD)SP(KD)

Capillaries in Choroid LV(KD)SI(SI)

Posterior Chamber Aspect of Retina Surface LV(KD)KD(KD)LI(KD to SI)


Eyeball structure LV(KD)BL(KD)BL(KD)

Optic Nerve LV(KD)KD(KD)SE Nerve(KD)

Posterior Chamber Cavity LV(KD)KD(KD)HT(KD)

Interior Cornea Surface LV(KD)BL(KD)LU(KD)

Retinal Attachment LV(KD)KD(KD)LV(KD)

Fibrous Tunic Surface LV(KD)KD(KD)LI(KD)

Vascular Tunic Facing Retina Surface LV(KD)KD(KD)LU(KD to SI)

Eyesocket & Lid GB (KD) Face Box

Lacrimal Gland GB(KD)PC(TW)

Tendon of superior Oblique GB(KD)GB(KD to SI)

Lacrimal Gland Ducts

Eye hole GB(KD)HT(KD)

Medial Canthus

Lacrimal Punctum GB(KD)PC(KD)

Nasolacrimal Duct GB(KD)LI(KD)

Inferior Lacrimal Canal

Lacrimal Sac GB(KD)TW(TW)

Bony orbit GB(KD)KD(KD)

Capillaries Behind Lids GB(KD)SI(SI)

Eye lid GB(KD)ST(ST)

Fornix GB(KD)LU(KD)

Eyelid Edge Surface GB(KD)TW(SI) Lower = Yin T°, upper = Yang T°

Ear KD(KD)BL(KD) Face Box

Cartilage KD(KD)KD(LV)

Adipose KD(KD)SP(SP)

Auditory Ear KD(KD)BL(KD)

Tympanic membrane KD(KD)BL(KD)LV(KD)

Ossicles KD(KD)BL(KD)KD(KD)

Round Window

Auditory tube surface KD(KD)LI(KD-SI)

Oval window

Tensor tympani muscle KD(KD)BL(KD)ST(ST)

Ossicle ligaments KD(KD)BL(KD)LV(LV)

Hair cells KD(KD)BL(KD)LU(KD)GB(KD-SI)

Tympanic duct surface

Tectorial membrane

Cochlear duct

Middle/EarEustachian Tube KD(KD)BL(KD)LI(KD)

Outer Ear KD(KD)BL(KD)SI(KD)

Inner Ear KD(KD)BL(KD)HT(KD)

Vestibular Complex KD(KD)KD(KD) Face Box

Otoliths KD(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)

Endolymphatic duct and sac KD(KD)KD(KD)TW(PC)

Semicircular ducts

Utricle KD(KD)KD(KD)LI(KD)


Hair cells


Gelatinous material KD(KD)KD(KD)SP(SP)

Vestibularcochlear nerve (N VIII)

Saccule KD(KD)KD(KD)LU(KD)


Mouth SP(KD) Face Box and Jaw Line

Teeth SP(KD)KD(KD)

Lower Gums SP(KD)ST(KD)

Palate Exterior Surface SP(KD)LI(KD)

Mouth passage SP(KD)HT(KD)

Upper and lower palates SP(KD)SP(KD)

Submandibular Salivary Gland SP(KD)TW(KD)

Parotid Salivary Gland SP(KD)PC(KD)

Soft palate SP(KD)LV(KD)

Upper Gums SP(KD)GB(KD)

Tonsils SP(KD)PC(PC)KD(KD)

Teeth roots SP(KD)BL(KD)

Teeth SP(KD)KD(KD) Face Box and Jaw Line



Gingiva SP(KD)KD(KD)ST(KD)

Cementum SP(KD)KD(KD)GB(KD)

Periodontal Ligament SP(KD)KD(KD)LV(KD)

Pulp Cavity Lining SP(KD)KD(KD)LU(KD)

Pulp Cavity SP(KD)KD(KD)HT(KD)

Exterior Structure SP(KD)KD(KD)BL(KD)

Lips ST(KD) Face Box and Jaw Line

Outer lips ST(KD)ST(KD)

Inner lips ST(KD)SP(KD)

Outer Lip surface ST(KD)LI(KD)

Inner lip surface ST(KD)LU(KD)

Inner lip elasticity ST(KD)LV(KD)

Outer lip elasticity ST(KD)GB(KD)

Mouth cavity ST(KD)HT(KD)

Top of Tongue HT(KD) Throat Box

Umami to back HT(KD)KD(KD)

Tongue tip HT(KD)HT(KD)

Behind tip HT(KD)LU(KD)

Center of tongue HT(KD)SP(KD)

Tongue Sides HT(KD)LV(KD)

Tip to umami HT(KD)BL(KD)

Tip of tongue movement HT(KD)GB(KD)

Back of tongue movement HT(KD)ST(KD)

Taste bud supporting cell HT(KD)KD(KD) or HT(KD)BL(KD) and HT(KD)BL(KD)

Taste bud gustatory cell HT(KD)KD(KD) or HT(KD)BL(KD) and HT(KD)KD(KD)

Taste bud microvilli HT(KD)KD(KD) or HT(KD)BL(KD) and HT(KD)LI(LU)

Bottom of tongue SI(KD) Throat Box

Frenulum to base SI(KD)KD(KD)

Tongue tip SI(KD)HT(KD)

Behind tip SI(KD)LU(KD)

Center of tongue SI(KD)SP(KD)

Tongue Sides SI(KD)LV(KD)

Tip to frenulum SI(KD)BL(KD)

Tip of tongue movement SI(KD)GB(KD)

Back of tongue movement SI(KD)ST(KD)

Nose LU(KD) Face Box

Nasal cartilage LU(KD)KD(LV)

Bones LU(KD)KD(KD)

Nasal Passages LU(KD)HT(KD)

Passageway Lining LU(KD)LI(KD)

Olfactory Gland LU(KD)TW(TW)

Olfactory Epithelium LU(KD)KD(KD)KD(KD)

Lamina Propria LU(KD)BL(KD)

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