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Respiratory And Digestive Tracts

Pharynx LU(KD) Mouth line of force

Tonsils LU(KD)TW(TW)

Soft palate LU(KD)BL(KD)

Cavity LU(KD)HT(KD)

Oropharynx LI(KD) Throat box

Laryngopharynx LU(KD) Throat box

Epiglottis LU(KD)LV(KD)

Thyrohyoid membrane LU(KD)LV(LV)

Hyoid bone LU(KD)KD(KD)

Cavity LU(KD)HT(KD

Larynx LU(KD) Shoulder line of force

Thyroid Cartilage LU(KD)LV(KD)

Vocal Fold LU(KD)LV(LV)

Corniculate Cartilage LU(KD)LV(KD)

Cricothyroid ligaments LU(KD)LV(LV)

Tongue Root LU(KD)ST(KD)

Glottis cavity LU(KD)HT(KD)

Trachea LI(KD) Chest box

Cartilage LI(KD)KD(LV)

Ligament LI(KD)LV(LV)

Esophagus SP(KD) Chest box

Smooth Muscles SP(KD)KD(ST) and SP(KD)BL(ST)

Images from 1918 Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body from Bartleby.com

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